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    "13 ways to change your business luck without relying on a lottery win" video

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    My "Price Calculator" - a simple yet invaluable tool to help make sure the price you charge matches your needs!

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    "Before you do anything else" - the guide to growing a business!

I have been running small businesses for over 20 years, and continue to do so.

I  know what it really means to run a business in bad times as well as good, the ups and the downs! And I have made more mistakes than I am pleased to admit but I came through it older and wiser!

  I have a whole load of testimonials on the website, and have been helping Welsh Business owners since 2003!

I am proud of my record over that time!

 If you want practical, realistic, cost effective help to grow your business, in whatever way is right for you - increased profit. more customers, a better work life balance or brilliant customer care, then we should have a conversation!