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Who am I?

You are absolutely right to want to know  more about me before making a decision about working together . You may well be thinking who is this bloke and why does he think he can tell me how to run my business.

Well can I start by telling you what I am not!

I am not an accountant - very useful but accountancy  is very different to finding and keeping profitable customers!

I am  not a retired  bank manager and I have not been a senior manager  in a blue chip multinational.

I am a business man like you, I have been self employed for about 20 years I have been a one man band and managed 120 staff in a £12m business. I have spent the majority of my working life in small or family business, I know what it is to watch my employees go home with a wage packet  & worry about how to pay my own mortgage.

I have also enjoyed good times and success, in a variety of business environments!

I became a business growth adviser almost by accident, and found that I was good at it and that my career to that point had in effect been a decades long  training course in business support!

I firmly believe until you have walked in the shoes you cannot fully appreciate the entrepreneurs  journey. I never really understand why we should take business advice from people with safe jobs, salaries and pensions.

I like the quote from John Harvey Jones - the 90's TV  business trouble shooter and one time chairman of ICI when it was possibly Britain's most important company


"Everyone thinks I'm a smart arse who can solve any bloody problem. I'm not. I'm just a very old businessman and a very experienced businessman who made every mistake in the book and can recognise one when I see one."

John Harvey-Jones


I am independent, and with a lot of business experience, good & bad I can probably help you with your business if it involves selling a product or service to customers for more than it costs you.

You are the expert at what you do - I will help you with business of running your business!