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We all need help, just about every award acceptance speech from the Oscars to Sports Personality of the year includes reference to the people that have helped them to that success.

If an individual as talented  & hard working as Andy Murray needs a team around him to ensure success then why should you be different? It is not just sport though, The one thing that keeps coming through watching  the Apprentice on TV is that Lord Sugar surrounds himself with good people!

Being is business can be quite lonely and isolated at times, suddenly you may have no colleagues to share things with - you know how people gather around the water cooler or for a smoke and share how they feel about the company, the products or the boss! So once you are business for yourself, you have to build your own team

Whilst you may have friends and family around and their support is vital they may not be the best to talk to about business, especially if they do not have an entrepreneurial  background:  They love you,  know  how hard you work and feel your passion too much to be truly objective - or perhaps like me you simply do not want to talk work once you get home! Whatever the reason having an independent commercially  aware friend to talk to can be a lifesaver, apart from helping with the business, it  can take some of the pressure off your relationships!

It was John Harvey Jones - the 90,s TV business trouble shooter  and former Chair of ICI when it was probably the most important company in Britain,- who said in effect small business owners risk everything , their money, their relationships, their families

The other thing we all find out early on is that although we start up in business because we have a dream, an idea and love what we do, then the reality & weight of the huge number of other things that have to be done kicks in! You know things like marketing, bookkeeping, cashflow, credit control,  HR, logistics IT, health & safety, sales, social media etc etc.

 This is the business of running a business, it requires a whole range of, often contradictory skills,  bigger companies have directors , managers and whole departments with specific skills to do the jobs that you may have to do by yourself!

No wonder so many people feel overwhelmed by what they need to get done or concerned about what they are not doing.

There are many different benefits from working together on your business, contact me if you want to discuss exactly how you could profit!



Chris in full flow, delivering a talk to a Swansea business group