How to get good business help?

Your instant reaction may be that you do not need any business help, and I will not argue with you, but the rest of us will certainly have a guilty secret about something that we know we do not deal with very well  or just try not to think about, and hope that we never have to deal with!

I Googled  ‘business help, advice, development’  and got 460 million results, so there is no shortage of people offering to transform your business, but just how do you decide who to call on, from that mass (morass?) of people after your money.

So here is my checklist of things that you may like to take into account:-

  • ‘Free’ always has a cost, perhaps your information is being collected to use elsewhere, or you will have less choice about what they can do for you and who does it.
  • Are they just selling their product rather than establishing whether it is what you want or need, does it fit with the rest of your business?
  • Are they genuinely expert or knowledgeable about business? – I am constantly frustrated by the number of people offering opinion’s about how to run a business from the safety of a salaried job!
  • Are you clear about what you are trying to achieve? For instance, if you are looking for a website what do you expect from it?
  • Can you work with the people? If you do not have some rapport right at the start, it can be difficult when you are dealing with the awkward bits later on!
  • Will they do the whole job or does it need some input from you? If so can you do it? – or do you need somebody else to do it?
  • Be clear what the brief is otherwise you may find out they are doing what they want rather than what you need!
  • Be clear about the price! – we all love getting a blank cheque, but this can lead to disputes.
  • Your relationship with a Business Adviser needs to be honest, for it to truly work be prepared to hear some difficult things, along with some suggested improvements!

I hope this is useful because getting it right can make a huge difference to you and your business, good luck! Naturally, I am happy to talk this through with you – 01550 760141 – leave a message if I am not there!

Keep busy