Do you give fake customer service?

Your customer service has to be real!

I recently fell out with the couriers DPD, because they picked up a parcel for next day delivery on a Monday, and online tracking eventually showed it scheduled for delivery on the Thursday! Now as business people we fully understand that bad things happen, but where DPD failed big time was in what happened after it went wrong.

Customer Service has to be real, you get found out very quickly if yours is a sham, in this case I had to put in considerable effort to be told “there was a hold up in the branch”

Nobody was able to tell me anything, indeed on several occasions I knew more about what had happened than the customer service rep; and here is the crux of it all, they were unable to supply any information about the situation, such as, when my parcel would be delivered, when it had been collected, what the problem was or what was being done to put it right or offer any redress “Next day delivery is not guaranteed”  (I wonder how they would feel paying for a pint of milk  that may only be half a pint?). Clearly this was just a parcel to them, albeit an expensive one, but it was my customer who was let down.

So what is the point of customer service whether it is via, phone, online chat or twitter that cannot do anything to sort out a problem? It will just increase customer frustration and disenchantment

DPD are big enough to deal with their own problems, but there are reminders about how as small businesses we can knock corporations into a cocked hat for customer care, so here are my rules for real customer service when something goes pear shaped!

  • Stuff goes wrong  – it is how (if) you put it right that matters.
  • If you do not know the answer, find it and go back to the customer.
  • Whoever deals with the customer should have authority to deal with the problem.
  • Recognise that it is not the customers problem, it’s yours!
  • An apology is no good without an explanation or action to go with it.

Get this wrong and your dissatisfied customer tells a lot of people!

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