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Chris has really turned my business around in the last two years since he has helped us. I can't thank him enough.

I am Patrick Carmody and for the past 20 years I have been managing director at “Perfect Software” a supplier of legal software, starting with 3 staff and now employing 11.

I have known Chris Olchawski for almost 2 years. During that time he has been a good friend and an almost essential member of the management team.

As a reliable sounding board he has saved me from several expensive mistakes, which has turned the company round from a break-even to a profit of around 20%

If you are looking for someone to “tell it like it is” then Chris could be your man.
He can be relied on to ask the right questions and will always tell you if you are doing the wrong things, or paying too little attention to important aspects of the business

So, if you are setting up and want to avoid some of the pitfalls, or if you are expanding and looking for an economical and way to get good quality non-exec advice then you should give Chris a call and see how he can help you

Chris gets you thinking about your business in the way you know you should but for some reason you don't - he helps you grow your business.

Lynne Orton

To be honest, I was in 3 minds whether to seek the services of another Business Consultant. I had used a so called expert a couple of years before, who promised me the world and assured me that he had all the answers. After about 9 months I realised that somebody simply lecturing me about how I should grow my business, and offering no practical help what so ever was a complete waste of my money and more importantly my time.

So when I started receiving Chris' e-mails, I'm not sure why, but rather that my usual reaction to delete, I kept them. I think I liked the way Chris spoke to me, he seemed to really understand what I was going through as a business owner. I then started to implement a few tips that he gave which actually worked and made a difference. so after a few months I met Chris and decided that I would give him a go.

We haven’t looked back, he took the time to understand our business, our market, our competitors and helped us to decide where we wanted to take it in the future. The way I look at the business now is completely different to this time last year. We now have a plan of where we are going and map of how we are going to get there. don't get me wrong there is still a lot to do and things to achieve, but were working on this together.

I would urge any business owner to just have a chat with Chris, tell him your troubles and see if he can help. He doesn't profess to have all the answers all of the time, but he knows a great deal and is happy to roll his sleeves up and get stuck in.

Thanks Chris for getting me to love my business again.

I’ve known Chris for a number of years and he’s always been generous with little bits of advice for free.

At the end of 2012, after having completed my 4th year in a very successful business, I was starting to get restless, unsure of where I was going. So I dropped Chris an email and we arranged a meeting to have a chat and to finally pay for his advice. Chris just sat and listened to me babble on for a while and then came straight back with a perfect analysis of the situation and plenty of ideas.

So, after the Christmas break I decided to put his ideas into action and have had by far the most successful 4 months of my trading history. I’ve taken on my first employee, implemented more monitoring systems and have a ‘to-do’ list for growth actions which are actually being crossed off and done.

I whole-heartedly recommend Chris as a business advisor, he’s an easy to talk to, normal person with excellent advice.

I needed a good kick in the right direction and Chris was happy to oblige and the outcome has been excellent.

Ben Wheeler

We have been working closely with Chris at Tutsan since March 2012. Thanks to Chris' input we now have a clear plan for growth going forward. What we like most about Chris is his "hands on approach and willingness to get stuck in!" I cannot recommend him highly enough

Had a brilliant day, my creative juices are flowing again. Thanks Chris.


They give professional, honest advice and genuinely care about the growth of your business.

Fascinating facts and innovative ideas to increase business growth.

I brought Chris in for advice about a problem that had been dragging on for months. I was losing sleep worrying about it and couldn’t see a way forward. Chris was fantastic! He helped me explore all my options in a calm and objective way, and the way forward became quite clear. I got my energy and motivation back, and was able to refocus on growing the business rather than damage-limitation. It’s impossible to measure the benefit in cash terms but it far exceeded the cost. I’d recommend Chris to anyone who feels stuck in a rut or could use a fresh perspective. He is down-to-earth and his ideas are very sensible!

If you ever need advice that listens first and responds with wisdom based on down to earth experience, you should get in touch with Chris Olchawski. of course I am a friend and of course I am biased but I am sure that those of you who know him will agree, and those who don’t yet know him will find that he quickly becomes your friend too. I think this is his uniqueness. a business adviser who is your friend, and not only a friend in need but one who approaches everything with optimism and focuses on your opportunities and helps you see how you can realise them. If you’ve got Chris, you’ve got a friend.

Chris is a sensitive, imaginative, insightful, advisor with lots of business experience and a way of helping you see things in a new way. He adds value by bringing an external perspective to your thinking and he is ceaselessly passionate about developing your entrepreneurial potential. Even though he is comparatively new to this consultancy role he brings gravitas and enthusiasm, and will, I am sure, become an important force in the development of a powerful collaborative economic revival in Carmarthen and West Wales. Get in touch with him, you won’t regret it.

Chris has been helping me improve my business marketing- In doing so he has helped me both with ideas & practical help, and given me more confidence. His support & advice really has made a BIG difference. Thanks Chris.

Dear Chris and Graham, I would personally like to thank you both for the professional service you have provided us at all times and I have enjoyed working with you both and it would be fair to say that my colleagues feel the same, so many thanks. The final version of the DVD is excellent and we are all very pleased with the product and are now looking forward to launching it. We all feel that it covers all the pre-requisites asked and puts across our message and scheme very well. Many thanks, Diolch yn fawr iawn i chi.

Thank you for your assistance with the development of our monitoring and processes within Web Adept. I’ve worked with many consultants who have given me lists of tasks to complete and as ever never get done. All its needed is your special hands on approach and black and white view on what’s needed within the business to make it work more efficiently. It was a “breathe of fresh air” to commission you and in the initial meeting we covered all aspects of what we wanted to achieve. The process has been seamless, professional and, most importantly, on time. We will have no hesitation in referring you to any of our current and future clients.

I have received practical, realistic and sound advice from chris, which has proved to be of great assistance on business issues which in turn, has helped to increase my turnover by 10-12%.

Chris offers realistic, pragmatic advice, tailored to where your business is in terms of new start, growth or maturity. His advice is based on experience, and passion for what he does and to help your business flourish.

I attended a workshop where Chris was speaking, it was very informative and Chris obviously knew what he was talking about.

I was a little nervous having Chris to come and help me with my marketing. He put me at ease and after some discussion helped me to plan my marketing strategy for the next three months. I will be using his services to enable my business to grow as well as recommend him to my colleagues and friends.

We have found Tutsan Associates to be very helpful and provide practical, affordable advice. Having worked and known Chris for sometime we are impressed with his depth of knowledge and drive to succeed on our behalf.

Naturally we were concerned about sharing information with someone from outside,as well as the cost and whether Chris could help us at all! We have found him friendly, knowledgeable and practical. He has helped us not spend money unnecessarily, as well as getting focused and more confident about the way forward. We would have no hesitation in recommending Chris to any business which wants to grow. We are feeling the benefits of working with Chris already. Worth every penny!!

Chris is reliable, gives good down to earth advice, credible and someone you can relate to. Business is often lonely and using Chris’s services you get just the right support for you and your business.

Tutsan are friendly, knowledgeable people who have made a significant difference to my small business. Their fees are reasonable and I would recommend to any business

I can’t say enough good things about Tutsan and Associates. I am a very small, one man band operation so I am the marketing department, the finance department and every other department of my business. Tutsan helped me focus on the areas of my business that would help drive more customers through the door. They gave me the focus and the expertise to get people through the door while spending very little money in the process. I cannot recommend them highly enough, and look forward to working with them again in future. Kind regards, Anna W.