Some Science for Profit

The sun is shining in Wales! Anything is possible after all!

So today I had the urge to give away something so solid that it usually comes with a price tag.

Then I thought of a piece of advice I always give to my clients. It’s the science behind marketing that can’t be disputed.

It’s this: “Think before you sell to your prospects.”

Listen to this and it will click instantly…

Why would you sell the idea of your services to a prospect who is already actively seeking out your kind of services? – They already know how your kind of business could improve their lives; they just need to know why you are better than the competition!

On the other end of the spectrum, why would you give away your price list/ offer free quotes to prospects who are not yet sold on the idea of your services? It’s about as useful as inviting a tortoise to a sprint race!

Do this from now on…

Figure out what buying stage your prospects are at. Then angle your marketing to suit.

It works every time!

Here’s a link to some more free business tips that most charge for –CLICK HERE for FREE STUFF

Keep busy!