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From The Desk Of Chris Olchawski, Rhandirmwyn, Wales

Dear Fellow Business Owner

Being in business is hard, and it is all too easy to start settling for things, like staying within your overdraft rather than battling to pay it off. Or accepting less than your ambitions. If you want more customers, increased profit or some time to enjoy the fruits of your labours then we should talk!

 I understand that you may feel uncertain about using a Business Adviser – possibly you have had a bad experience in the past. -You may be worried that you will be charged a fortune to be told stuff you already know? or you just do not need any body telling you what to do!

Well the truth is that successful people surround themselves with good people, and an independent, experienced,commercially aware third party brings new ideas, energy and  accountability, to get things done and help you to do the things that will bring customers, profits or time. So that you can fulfil the dreams, ambitions and targets you had when you started!


I understand that you may still need convincing so that is why I am offering you my 100% Success  Guarantee 



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If any of the these feel familiar then you are absolutely in the right place


  • You are doing OK but want to move to the next level?
  • You want more good customers or clients?
  • You are busy but not making the profit you would like?
  • Everyday feels like a battle, running through treacle?
  • You want to sort out your work life balance?
  • You feel alone and isolated running your business?
  • You are not sure where to go next?
  • You’re fed up with ‘business development  guru’s’ just selling their particular specialism or fad?


"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur." - #Red Adair

The Life and Times of Chris Olchawski

Don’t worry, I am not going to tell you my autobiography or give you a detailed account of my family tree, but as you can probably tell from my unusual surname (and when you meet me my London accent!) I am not originally from Wales. I actually moved here in 2003 with Nerys. I had previously worked as the MD for a petrol retailing business for ten years and after that I ran my own business selling and servicing mowers, chainsaws and basically anything with a small engine! I did this for seven years before selling up and moving to Wales.

During my time (saying that makes me feel quite old) I have also run very successful sales and telesales teams, a 40000 ft warehouse & distribution operation, a cafe, video shops & off licences,  and been involved in property development and more besides. I have made my living helping Welsh business for a decade, in that time  I have worked with electronics companies, software houses, wholesalers, retailers, wedding dress makers, specialist book sellers, cleaning companies, web designers, oak flooring, finance companies, contractors, accountants, garages. and more.

You could say, therefore, that my experience in business is quite diverse! But the sector is not important, because  you are the expert in that - I help with the business of running a business and I can help as long as you supply something to somebody for a profit!

On arriving in Wales in 2003 (whilst looking around to decide where my entrepreneurial spirit should take me next) I fell into a job with an enterprise agency. it was there that I realised that all that I had done before was really just an extended training course to equip me to help others. Needless to say, it wasn’t long before my commercialism was deemed unsuitable for the job; so I returned to my destiny of being self employed. The rest, as they say, is history!


Real business help from a real businessman

If you think running a business is often tough, sometimes lonely and never stress-free, then you have the same mind-set that I have had many times before. Before I share my business advice with you, I think it is only fair to let you know that I have felt exactly what you are feeling; I have done exactly what you are doing, only I didn’t have anyone to guide me.

If only someone had told me at the beginning what I know now, I could have become successful a lot quicker; I could have saved myself from many business blunders. But then again, I have lived to tell the tale, and through gaining from my experiences and learning from my (many) mistakes, I have built a good career.

Things are a lot different to how they used to be, but effective business practices remain the same. People seem to forget this. You’ve probably read countless business books filled with corporate jargon that, let’s be honest, doesn’t really mean much to anyone apart from the person who wrote it. If you are like I was when I was starting out, I wasn’t interested in all the “fluff”; I just wanted to know how to make money! Isn’t that what we all want if we’re really honest? It’s ironic really that with a lot of the business advice given out today, the basic money-making methods are lost within petty nonsense. You won’t find any of that from me.

Just like you, I have experienced the ups and downs, trials and tribulations and achievements and failures along the journey to success. I have faced hard times and good times and at times, almost physically slapped myself for making (which I can see now, were obviously avoidable) mistakes. In other words, I understand exactly what it means to be self employed. I also know that if I had had someone on board to guide me, my ultimate destination of success could have been reached much sooner.

As a Business Growth Adviser, I base my success on my honest and practical approach. I’m interested in applying business methods that actually work; not the supercilious concepts that are only ever impressive when written in black and white. The frustrating thing is that there are so many fundamental aspects of running a business that most “experts” are getting wrong. It really does stink of BS out there, but with the help of  a real business person,  you can smell sweet success!



How much difference would just an extra 15% mean to you?

Supposing you could get 25% or 50%?

Would it help?

For 10 years I have been making a difference to business owners around South, West & Mid Wales, often helping them to achieve life changing improvements in their business. For others I have help them make a number of small but significant changes which together have a  major impact - the aggregation of marginal gains.

My approach is not to behave as though I am smarter than you or a better businessman - heaven knows I have made too many mistakes to claim that! But I have learnt from them!

What I bring is a fresh independent point of view unhindered by the burdens of day to day running of your business. Crucially though this is  matched with genuine understanding of your situation, I have enjoyed some great success and good times but before that I went through some tough, lonely times, doing my best at work and trying not to take it home!

I remember having a "bunker" mentality not able to talk to other people, just working harder in my business rather than taking a step back and working on it; I worked 7 days a week. Looking back I can see how I would let myself and my business down, but always did my best for the clients.

I lacked a business friend I could talk to, who would help me think things through, someone supportive and on my side, but honest enough to tell me when I was going wrong, and being completely honest, to hold me to account when I did not do things I promised myself I would! I needed this from a "business buddy" because my family were not entrepreneurial so whilst they fully supported me, they were not commercially aware!

You do not have to make the same mistakes I did or be as isolated - however well you are doing you can do better with the right support  - look at Lord Sugar, or Richard Branson they surround themselves with good people!

  • Possible Outcome 1 - The meeting is worthwhile, helps you identify some changes you would like to make, and what to do about them. there is nothing more for me to do
  • Outcome 2 - You find the meeting is really helpful, you can see benefits working together will bring for you and your business we agree to move forward together and your £99 is credited to you!
  • Outcome 3 -. I cannot help you at all, you get nothing from our time together & I give you your money back in full!

What my clients think about me!

Real testimonials from real clients!


I am Patrick Carmody and for the past 20 years I have been managing director at “Perfect Software” a supplier of legal software, starting with 3 staff and now employing 11. I have known Chris Olchawski for almost 2 years. During that time he has been a good friend and an almost essential member of the management team.
As a reliable sounding board he has saved me from several expensive mistakes, which has turned the company round from a break-even to a profit of around 20%.

If you are looking for someone to “tell it like it is” then Chris could be your man.

He can be relied on to ask the right questions and will always tell you if you are doing the wrong things, or paying too little attention to important aspects of the business
So, if you are setting up and want to avoid some of the pitfalls, or if you are expanding and looking for an economical and way to get good quality non-exec advice then you should give Chris a call and see how he can help you

Patrick Carmody

Chris has provided long-term advice and guidance on complex business issues, combining a strategic view with practical day-to-day implementation processes. He has gone 'above and beyond' in helping the Directors clarify and deliver a revised business strategy and marketing activities."

Paul Robertson

You deserve a fair return  for the blood sweat and tears you invest in your business

Do you  need increased profits to improve your income & a fair return for  your blood, sweat, tears, and effort?

Do you want increased profits from your hard work and effort to improve your income and lifestyle?

 Do you need more customers or clients, or  more from the ones you already have?

Would you like more time  to spend with your loved ones, developing your business ideas?  Or help with your business exit?

 Chris has really turned my business around in the last two years since he has helped us. I can't thank him enough.



Satisfaction Guarantee

I understand that you will have concerns about using a Business Adviser – possibly you have had a bad experience in the past. You may be worried that you will be charged a fortune to be told stuff you already know, or you may feel that you do not need any body telling you what to do!

I understand that, so that is why I offer my 100% Success Guarantee

Here is my offer to you.

As long as you are in Mid, West or South Wales I will come to your premises for £99 inc vat. You can take a look at me, we will have a confidential discussion about your business and I will see if I can help!

There is absolutely no risk to you, even if you have never heard of me!  Because the £99 is paid via PayPal you  have their guarantee in addition to mine !

What do you need to do next?  Simply click on the Pay Now button ( it will show as £82.50 before the VAT is added) and I will contact you to make an appointment!

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To be honest, I was in 3 minds whether to seek the services of another Business Consultant. I had used a so called expert a couple of years before, who promised me the world and assured me that he had all the answers. After about 9 months I realised that somebody simply lecturing me about how I should grow my business, and offering no practical help what so ever was a complete waste of my money and more importantly my time.

So when I started receiving Chris' e-mails, I'm not sure why, but rather that my usual reaction to delete, I kept them. I think I liked the way Chris spoke to me, he seemed to really understand what I was going through as a business owner. I then started to implement a few tips that he gave which actually worked and made a difference. so after a few months I met Chris and decided that I would give him a go.

We haven’t looked back, he took the time to understand our business, our market, our competitors and helped us to decide where we wanted to take it in the future. The way I look at the business now is completely different to this time last year. We now have a plan of where we are going and map of how we are going to get there. don't get me wrong there is still a lot to do and things to achieve, but were working on this together.

I would urge any business owner to just have a chat with Chris, tell him your troubles and see if he can help. He doesn't profess to have all the answers all of the time, but he knows a great deal and is happy to roll his sleeves up and get stuck in.

Thanks Chris for getting me to love my business again.

Delyth J Cardiff

How your opportunity to improve your business, for you and your loved ones works!

My approach has been honed and proven for over a decade, it is built on learning about you and your objectives. So it is bespoke, to you and your business. Whilst there are some common themes, improving cash-flow, finding more customers etc, every client has different skills and experience; there is no one size fits all take it or leave it with Business Growth Wales.



Step #1

You and I sit down together, this enables me to learn more about your situation now and what you would like it to be. This is an important step that will usually last a couple of hours or more. During this meeting I expect to find out about your business and your challenges. There are really just 4 possible outcomes from this meeting:-

  • There is nothing else for me to do, I have given you all the help I can - this is a positive outcome, you can move forward and do not need me!
  • We agree to move forward together
  • I suggest some appropriate specialist help from my Rolodex of tried and tested specialists
  • There is nothing I can do, we shake hands and I walk away.


Step #2

Once I accept you as a client I take a longer look at your business, get under the skin of it with emphasis on the topics that emerged from our earlier meeting! I use the information I gather to suggest an action plan and report back to you.

We review and discuss my proposal. This is a time when my skills and independence can be really useful - I am honest and can be blunt, but you do not want me just to say how well you are doing, unless it is absolutely true and there is no scope for improvement!

Step #3

We start to work together on the action plan, this is the truly bespoke part, because exactly what I do, and what can do  will reflect the unique nature of your skills and experience. sometimes I become your marketing department, other times I do the legwork, sometimes I chair meetings or prepare the brief for a third party. However it works I help to get things done - because the secret of true business success is implementation!

There is no  contract tie in or extended notice period so anytime you stop getting value I am gone!

The only qualification you need is to want a change in your business! I can honestly say that I have aided clients to achieve all sorts of outcomes, including changing the lives of them and their families, help them to get the income they deserve, increase the amount of time they get to enjoy the fruits of their labours, enable them to manage the business better, help them to keep their promises to themselves or facilitated a profitable exit.

All of those outcomes are possible, but you have to take the first easy step and book your 100% RISK FREE first meeting



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If you ever need advice that listens first and responds with wisdom based on down to earth experience, you should get in touch with Chris Olchawski. of course I am a friend and of course I am biased but I am sure that those of you who know him will agree, and those who don’t yet know him will find that he quickly becomes your friend too. I think this is his uniqueness. a business adviser who is your friend, and not only a friend in need but one who approaches everything with optimism and focuses on your opportunities and helps you see how you can realise them. If you’ve got Chris, you’ve got a friend.

Tim Caswell