Use This Formula and Gain More Clients, Customers or Sales Now!

YES or NO: Do you want a bigger number of high paying customers without doing any extra work?

If you’re still reading, I’m assuming you do.

So here’s a little “trick of the trade” that the highest paid marketers use every time they deal with a prospective customer.

It’s the BFD Formula.

And here’s how you use it:

Before you even attempt to try and sell anything to your target market, make sure you know:

1: Their Beliefs

What does your audience believe? What is their attitude towards the product/ service you’re trying to flog to them?

2: Their Feelings

How do they feel? Are they confident or nervous? What do they think about the major issues in their businesses?

3: Their Desires

What are their goals? What do they want that your product/ service can help them to get.


Professional marketers wouldn’t dream of trying to sell anything without using this proven formula.

Remember people do not like being sold to! They do enjoy buying!

If you don’t understand what motivates your prospects, how can you motivate them into buying your products?

 Simple when you think about it isn’t it?